Is it your karmic love or your soulmate ?

Every relationship we have in our life has a special purpose. Discover the role your current partner plays.

In Hindu philosophy, there are many narratives about the different types of love that enter our lives and what each one is meant to give us. Sometimes, we hope that a person who comes into our life just to teach us a lesson will not stay forever without realizing that their mission in our life has an end. That’s why suffering in love is common, and it is through this perseverance that we let go of the people who are truly meant to stay by our side.

The foundation of happiness is not being attached to anything, understanding that life is a cycle and that nothing lasts forever. This way, loss doesn’t hurt, it helps you grow and evolve.

This is a perfect example of karmic love that comes into our lives to give us challenging lessons that help us grow as individuals, even if they cause us pain. According to ancient philosophies, these loves are carried from past lives where we neglected unresolved issues or teachings that were meant to help us grow spiritually, and they always come back until we have succeeded in progressing.

Every person who enters our life has a purpose.

Karmic love is represented by something that doesn’t work, even if we want it to, a relationship that is constantly in conflict. It comes with people who play a hostile role in our life, allowing us to see what we don’t want or pushing us to the limits of our mind to bring about positive or negative change.

These are destructive relationships, the more they hurt us, the more they trap us, and unfortunately, they can repeat until one day, they free you from all negativity and hatred, allowing you to move forward.

On the other hand, within the categorization of like-minded souls (those who come into your life for a specific purpose), there is also platonic love or twin flames, which have a more significant mission in our life.

Karmic love pertains to past-life issues that you need to resolve in this lifetime.

One explanation of platonic love is the recognition of souls from past lives. When you feel attracted to someone for the first time or feel « in love » without knowing why, it’s because that person has a soul that shared emotions with you in past lives and is somehow recognized again in this life.

On the other hand, soulmates go beyond platonic and karmic love, they are actually connected to someone who is destined to be by your side and represents total harmony in the moment of union. When that spiritually compatible person comes into your life, your soul is filled with calm, tranquility, trust, and love, so you should not mistake it for passionate loves that fill us with despair and temporary madness as opposed to the soulmate.

Everyone can function perfectly on their own; it doesn’t mean that you cannot be happy without someone else or that you cannot develop in all aspects, it simply means that it has more to do with the spiritual world than the material world. Soulmates come together to help and elevate each other in every way. Sometimes, that soulmate comes at the time you need them most for your growth, and then they leave once their task is fulfilled.

Soulmates come together to help each other grow and discover their purpose in life.

That’s why you should not succumb to despair, if you haven’t found the person who makes you feel what I just described, it’s not worth deceiving yourself by getting involved with someone out of desperation. Everything comes in its own time, or perhaps it has already come and gone, so you must nurture that time together and let go of the ties of the past.

Remember that love enters our lives to help us become better so that eventually you can follow your own path and achieve your enlightenment.

Sending you cosmic kisses and hugs

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