Betrayal and Trap

Halk TV, just like it denied the Kurdish people in the past, denied the Kurdish votes before the election results were even finalized

The presidential election on May 28 demonstrated how valid the concerns and anxieties of many people were.

Once again, the Kurdish voters fulfilled their ‘historic duty’ by going to the polls and supporting the People’s Alliance without criticizing or questioning the instructions given to them. It is essential to criticize and question not only the openness to criticism of this attitude but also its scrutiny.

The contradictory approaches and transformation of the Kurdish people, who have shown the willpower for years in terms of both their rights as a nation and the defense of social and individual rights, into a compliant, memorizing, unquestioning society that turns against the democratic society, can be defined as ‘mankurtization.’ This can be considered as the lowest point of the harm that can be inflicted upon this society.

Although the political struggle of Kurdish movements against the AKP-MHP bloc may be justified for themselves and society, blindly adhering to the People’s Alliance and directing the society unquestioningly to support the CHP and Kılıçdaroğlu is a wrong approach. As early as the first hours of vote counting, it was stated on Halk TV, ‘Here comes Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, not with HDP and Kurdish votes, but with nationalist and ülkücü votes, and if he wins, he will win because of these votes.’ However, the situation was quite the opposite, as the overwhelming majority of Kurdish provinces supported the People’s Alliance, except for Bingöl, Elazığ, Maraş. Moreover, cities with a significant Kurdish population such as Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin, Adana supported the People’s Alliance as a bloc.

If you wish, let’s look at the election results in Kurdish provinces: 


Diyarbakır % 71,61
Mardin. %65,22
Şırnak. %76,30
Hakkari. % 72
Ağrı. %65,34
Van. %61,50
Iğdır. %66,78
Batman. %67,90
Kars. %56,40
Muş. %58,33
Siirt. %55,44
Ardahan. %57,68
Tunceli. %82
Bitlis. %50, 21

As seen in the table, the Kurdish people unquestioningly followed the instructions and cast their votes for the People’s Alliance, demonstrating their stance and fulfilling their duty. Moreover, the dense Kurdish population in major cities exhibited the same reflex.

Even before the election results were announced and when Kılıçdaroğlu was a few points ahead, the scribes of the CHP revealing their true intentions and historical perspectives towards the Kurds on Halk TV, live on air, was an unforgettable lesson for those who could hear and read it.

The Kurdish people, with their historical sufferings and future concerns, must rediscover themselves as a whole. Reaching a society that has turned away from the democratic society by obeying blindly means the Kurd digging their own grave. The Kurdish people are not and should not be a ballot box. They have been shaped by the pains they have endured in terms of basic rights and freedoms and have built themselves by stepping on the mines laid on their path. Do not waste this people.

Abdullah CELIK – Ma’z Êst Analyse

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